How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget!

Many people question day in and day about how I am able to keep clutter very limited. this is a very easy task for me because usually, I will buy some kind of trays so I can place and keep different things organized within the trays. An example of what I may use in these trays would be sugar and spoons for the designated coffee area. I usually find cheap trays for a buck a piece at thrift shops. This definitely is not something difficult to do, and it is such a cute way to keep things together.

You can also use vintage items like I do such as an old champagne bucket which I found and bought for less than ten dollars. You can use it as a pot to plant things or even to hold spatulas or different kitchenware utensils on your counter area in the kitchen.

If you have a light fixture that is blowing your OCD all over the place all you need to do is place a chain over and a ceiling hook that can be mounted and you won’t have to pay big bucks for an electrician. There are special hooks you can find in a hardware store such as lowes where the light fixtures would be.

If you have a canvas that is black or even white lying around you can use it to create a piece of artwork and place thumbtacks on the canvas, I prefer gold.

If you buy a Faux stacked log insert you can really personalize and make your fireplace your own.

If you happen to come across some scraps of wood you can purchase white paint and make your own mantle that looks like marble.

Buy some artwork from a thrift store and make it your own by getting the color spray paint you prefer, and paint the frame, paint the mat a white or creme color and them add rhinestones or whatever you feel the need to add.

You can find many great deals online at craigslist or even in thrift stores when you are searching for a table to repurpose and use as an office desk or a desk of sorts. I was able to buy a table for fifty dollars and I actually painted the table black and place polyurethane as the top coat and this has been the desk I have used as my blogging and work area ever since.

Have you ever wanted to build and design your own bedframe or headboard? This is so easy to do and you can save so much cash. I bought a few pieces of wood and upholstery foam and a cloth I wanted to use and silver trim, which you do not have to get the silver you can get what you prefer. I painted these items place the pieces together and only spent around fifty dollars.

If you come across some furniture for a good deal snag it and paint it a bright or bold color. Of course, furniture that is painted is not everyone’s cup of tea but if your budget is very tight then you may need to do this and you can do so many different things with furniture and paint that you purchase. You could use hand-me-downs, find things in a thrift store or even something you may see on the side of the road that someone has thrown out, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and paint can make a whirlwind of a difference.

You can use an old piano bench and fix it up nicely and actually use it for a bench to have at the end of your bed. I actually did this with some fabric that has stripes, a little bit of the cotton stuffing out of a pillow, and some nailhead trim and then painted the legs which I chose silver as the color to paint the legs.

Instead of just throwing my jewelry somewhere crammed within a container which is naturally what I would do I have decided to place them in little bowls that I have come across or bought in the past years and normally the bowls I use are less than a dollar, Very very top drawer is actually where all my jewelry is found in these bowls.